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Hello and welcome to pixelizedworld. This is my personal journal/community where I'll be posting anything thats my graphics work here, hence the name pixelized world. I am still a part of __bubblicious but this is just where I'll post icons that I post there, here amongst many other stuff. There are a few rules and regulations you have to know and if you can abide by it. We'll do just fine.

알아요?? // Do you understand??
Rules… They are what keeps us in order and stops the world from turning crazy. They are important, but I also believe they have to be kept simple. I will not go dictatorship on you but I will tell you now that if you break a rule, there will be warning and consequences. Consequences you wish to never see. No I won’t come to your house and smack your face, but there are ways other than physical means to hurt a person, and believe you me. I know plenty.

Now onto the 5 GOLDEN rules.
READ RULES. Yes people keep forgetting to do that and it cannot be stressed enough.

GIVE PROPER CREDIT. Either to shwinlewin or pixelizedworld by looking at the example.

Here I've put the credit in the Comment section which allows slight HTML. Put the credit there for the icons you have taken from this and other community.

PROSECUTE FALSE CLAIMS You will under no circumstances claim these icons to be yours. It would be your shame if I find out. Believe me.

PLEASE COMMENT. Especially when you take anything. Or when you see anything. Your input improves me and tells me what people are expecting. I'm giving stuff and it won't take a few mins to get a few responses from you.

CREDIT IN USERINFO IF... you happen to take moodthemes, headers, userinfo layouts or layouts. I doubt I'll do them, but if I do and catch them on LJ without crediting me on your userinfo... you'll meet with the consequences. You may now go back to the first rule and highlight to find out the answer if you're one who didn't get what I meant.

Have I scared you off yet? If I have you have what it takes to be part of pixelizedworld! To finalize your wants to join here you just have to do a couple of steps, one has to do when joining communities.
†DU: FRIEND IT To get updates. (can skip this step)
†SET: COMMENT with the subject title. Or I'll have to ask you to read it again...

Its not that hard =D. Please enjoy whatever I have to offer!


kuucons // Icon journal of shizukuin


Credits to...
Thank you...
resplandor for the coding of the main layout. The rest is all (c) to me. Even the coding of this profile layout. I rely on resplandor's layout for now because I ish kinda lazy to code and when I have time to code... I shall code a layout all by myself... XD... that'll be one of these days...

Layout credit to refuted